DWC5500-100-2, 2 Level Dumbwaiter

DWC8800-100-2, 3 Level Dumbwaiter

DWC15400-100-2, 4 Level Dumbwaiter

Product Description:
This premium 2, 3 or 4 level dumbwaiter is a perfect choice for the discerning, blending uncompromising quality, flawless function, and a host of options to ensure the perfect fit into your building.

Upgraded finishes, additional top platform for greater stability and strength, fast motor upgrade option and greater capability sets our 100kg series of dumbwaiters apart from the rest of the range and ahead of the competition.

  • ability to customise all dimensions
  • double sided openings available for the lift car
  • increased travel height
  • 180 and 90 degree openings
  • increased load limit
  • 2 pole motor (faster) upgrade option

This range is covered by nationwide conditional 2 year (mechanical) and 2 year (electrical) warranty for commercial use.

Product Details

Operating Voltage:

Maximum Rated Load:
100 Kilogram

Lift Car Dimensions:
800 mm width x 600 mm depth x 1000 mm height

Lift Car Dimensions:
DWC5500-100-2: 5500mm
DWC8800-100-2: 8800mm
DWC15400-100-2: 15,400mm

Shaft Drawings