About Us

Dumbwaiters Australia has been manufacturing dumbwaiter lifts/hoists for over twenty years; we have seen many types of lifts/hoists come and go, but rack and pinion endures as it is still considered to be the most reliable small lifts/hoist mechanism in the world today.

Our range of dumbwaiters (service or goods lifts/hoist) are specifically for commercial and residential dwellings, using our rack and pinion drive system, which eliminates the need for regular maintenance and reduces the space required to fit our dumbwaiter – as no motor pit is required.

Dumbwaiters Australia dumbwaiters are registered with WorkSafe and comply with Australian Standards 1735-4 & AS60204-1:2005

The applications for our dumbwaiters are endless. Staircases are a necessary evil in our residences and places of business, and can pose major safety concerns and inconvenience. The reliability of our dumbwaiter lift/hoist means you are never left without an alternative to journey up a treacherous staircase with a heavy, delicately balanced load.

Dumbwaiters Australia products are covered by a nationwide warranty of up to 10 years for mechanical and 2 years for electrical. Conditions apply.

Dumbwaiters Australia are a proud member of the Lift Engineering Society of Australia