Residential - DW3000-60UB, Under Bench Dumbwaiter

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Residential - DW3000-60UB, Under Bench Dumbwaiter

The Dumbwaiters Australia 60kg series under bench dumbwaiter provides a compact solution for installations where space is limited, or this location is preferred over a more conventional position. The under bench series allows the convenience and full functionality of the Dumbwaiters Australia dumbwaiter without the limitations of a traditional design.



  • Ability to customise all dimensions


This range of Dumbwaiters Australia dumbwaiters is covered by a nationwide conditional 5 (mechanicals) / 2 (electrics) year warranty for residential use.



Operating Voltage:

240 VOLT / 5 AMPS

Maximum Rated Load:

60 Kilogram

Lift Car Dimensions:

800 mm. x 480 mm. x 580 mm. (  W x D x H )

Lift Travel:

2800 mm

Dumbwaiter Type:

DW3000-60UB, Under Bench Dumbwaiter

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