The Songa Mercur Oil Rig was located off shore near Singapore and was being refurbished before use in Australian waters. A dumbwaiter was required to comply with Australian Occupational Health and Safety regulations.

The Songa Mercur Oil Rig required refurbishment and updating.  Previously the staff had to carry items up and down steep stairs from the store room to the galley.  This was a hazard due the the constant movement of the oil rig.

A 2 level 100kg dumb waiter was installed but it needed to be modified to allow for the marine conditions.

The installation of the dumbwaiter had to be carefully planned to allow for the new challenges of working on a moving vessel in the middle of the ocean.  Two days of specialised training needed to be undertaken to allow for the flight to the rig.

The dumb waiter has become a necessary and much used tool for the staff.  It has eliminated the hazardous task of transporting items up narrow stairs which were constantly moving.  The dumbwaiter works quietly and effortlessly time after time.

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