Ivanhoe Grammar School renovated their library (2010). They needed a floor loading dumbwaiter to move between 2 levels.

Ivanhoe Grammar School renovated their library in 2010.  They required a floor loading dumbwaiter to move books between 2 levels.  They needed it to be a floor loading dumbwaiter which could enable a trolley to be used.  We also needed to consider positioning as a ramp was needed to load the trolley into the dumbwaiter.

This Dumbwaiter uses a motor on top of the car to pull the unit to Level 2, where they store the library books.  The car is a complete stainless steel construction with an inter-coupled drive platform & support platform underneath, connected with threaded rods.

To enable the dumbwaiter to be used with a trolley, a ramp was used – as the concrete slab could not be cut due to engineering concerns.  In addition to design issues, time allowance to construct the unit and also installed to fit within the handover dates which was a main issue.  As the dumbwaiter is accessible to the students on Level 1, a key lock was utilised to prevent unauthorised use.

The dumbwaiter has made the task of moving the books much easier for the staff.  This result in also beneficial with regards to staff OH&S.

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