Elderly client wants to stay in her 2 storey family home longer and a dumbwaiter solves the problem of stairs.

Mavis had been living in her 2 storey home in Beacon Hill for 55 years, and at 82 was finding it increasingly difficult and hazardous to carry common items from floor to floor. To ease the burden of carrying heavy loads between floors, Mavis contacted Unique Integrations to see if our dumbwaiters offered the solution.

Our recommendation to Mavis was the installation of an Easy Series Dumbwaiter. This model allowed Mavis to safely transport her goods from the garage to kitchen with the press of a button. With careful planning, the dumbwaiter was designed to seamlessly integrate into the kitchen.

The house was constructed in the 1970’s and the kitchen was due for renovation. The new kitchen was to be relocated to a more spacious back room which was situated directly over the garage. This allowed for the dumbwaiter shaft to be constructed in the garage and up into the kitchen. The dumbwaiter opening was ideally located near the walk-in pantry and provided easy front opening access.

A few years have passed and Mavis is thrilled with the results. The Unique Integrations Easy Series Dumbwaiter has given a new lease of life to Mavis and her beloved family home. Mavis now lives without the fear of falling down stairs under the weight of groceries or laundry.

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