Only About Children Childcare Southbank

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Only About Children Childcare Southbank




A new childcare centre, owned by Only About Children, has been installed within Freshwater Place, Southbank.  The preparation of the meals for the children is in the kitchen on Level 1 of the centre.  The meals need to be moved to Level 2 where the Day Care and Kindergarten are located.  



We had to manufacture a custom sized dumbwaiter to suit the area where they wished to locate it, keeping in mind that it had to fit with the surroundings and not obstruct activities.



The shaft had to be added into a suitable area and blend in with the cosmetics of the childcare centre and daily operations of the childcare centre.



The dumbwaiter is a big time-saver for the staff.  It allows them to safely transport meals upstairs to the children and also complies with their Occupational Health & Safety requirements.  




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