Under Bench Dumb Waiter Newport

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Under Bench Dumb Waiter Newport


This beautiful level 3 home is resides in Newport, which is situated in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. The house has outstanding views of Pittwater and has been designed to take advantage of these views. To make the most of the seaside location, this building is multi-storey. This can create challenges when safely transporting heavy loads between floors.



The primary area of load transportation is between the garage and the kitchen. The island bench in the kitchen was located directly above a storage room in the rear of the garage. This provided the link between the garage and the kitchen. Unique Integrations recommended the installation of an under bench dumbwaiter. This dumbwaiter is perfect for installations where space is a premium or where full height cupboards do not exist.



The advantage with all our dumbwaiters is the lack of overhead motor space or the need for a lift pit at the base of the lift shaft. This allows the under bench model to be placed into areas where space is a premium.

The dumbwaiter opening was installed at bench height at the ground floor to allow for easy loading and unloading.



The installation of the DW3000-60UB under bench dumbwaiter has provided safe load transportation without compromising the magnificent view over Pittwater. The aesthetics of the kitchen have not been affected, as the dumbwaiter has been seamlessly concealed within the island bench. Out of sight.... the under bench dumbwaiter quietly and effortlessly lifts and delivers, time after time.

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